About Us



This is the second year that Grow Girls' Farm has been growing food for the Arvada Community.  Our growing practices focus on the health of the soil using only organic practices. Grow Girls'  Farm builds soil through organic amendments, cover cropping, crop rotation, companion planting and mulching. We use drip irrigation to conserve water. Denise Ery and Elaine Silburn have come together to collaborate on the CSA program. Together, Denise and Elaine grow a wide variety of wonderful nutrient dense food!

We invite you to learn more about the people of our farm bel


Denise Ery-Master Gardener

Denise grew up in Belpre, Ohio.  As a child she learned to garden with her grandmother.  Some of her earliest memories are snapping beans in the garden with her.  It was here that she learned to love and care for the soil and crops- instilling in her a compassion for things that grow. A seed was planted that would help her begin to understand the impact it has on us all.  This compassion runs in her family.  Her father, 83, still works a local garden community that puts out tons of food for people in need in the Belpre area.  Denise has a passion for sustainable and organic produce, the quality of the soil and helping others discover this love of the soil from the young to the young at heart. 


Elaine Silburn

Elaine is a native of Colorado and grew up under the influence of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Golden. She grew up learning to appreciate nature, creativity and what it means to be family. Working in the family business,  she learned how to lead and grow a business. The more Elaine learned about our issues as a planet, the more she saw the need for stronger communities where food is produced locally and with the greater environment in mind. Part of her dedicaton to this movement is to make this world a better place for her nine grandchildren. 


Grow Girl Organics believes that responsibly sourced organic food is fundamental to our quality of life, independence and security in the future of the world.